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Checking MailChimp

This is a post and I have setup a “campaign” in my MailChimp to pull and send my latest “post”/”blogs” as an email to my selected email addresses. You are on that “selected email addresses” list. I am dating it because MailChimp is suppose to pick up and send at 4 a.m. Tuesday. It should be in your Tuesday morning inbox at (published 10:30 a.m. Monday 08/14/17)

This Email should have a top border of trees in reds and black. The Featured Image from my “post” should also be displayed to you. And yes I sent to my email too.

The colored border at the bottom is standard MailChimp authentication stuff.

If I have configured it correctly in MailChimp, this post will go to my listed email addresses, my facebook page, and twitter.

If successful, I believe we can set you up to do the same thing and eliminate the need for Hootsuite.

That system, designed specifically for you, means all you need to do is “blog” “post” and MailChimp will broadcast it via email to your selected list and send it to Facebook and Twitter (both FB and Twitter accounts need to be configured to accept MailChimp’s posting to your account).


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